• Amanda Houle

    Divine Mamahood International

    Amanda is a certified energy alchemist and certified integrative holistic health +wellness coach. Amanda has been immersed in the field of mindfulness parenting and psychosocial development for the last 17 years. Since becoming a new mama a little over 2 years ago her intuitive abilities have since been activated and growing deeper throughout her sacred journey of mamahood. Amanda is passionate about natural and holistic mamahood, being an extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping mama of over 2 years. She loves to empower mamas to be and new mamas to lead from their intuition, raise their babies as sovereign souls while leading a life full of love, gratitude, and in vibrational harmony with her higher self. When we are in flow with our divine feminine life becomes more rich and our babies guide us without the need for control. I have created a cord cutting-guided meditation/visualization to detach from our babies. Amanda also offers a guide teaching you how to practice energy work on your own children while developing a closer bond and learning how energy works as our children are conduits. They are always feeding off our energy so it’s important to master ours. Energy is everything. Amanda works with new mamas and mamas to be in the capacity of 3 and 6 months in her Intuitive Mentorship program where she guides you to connect deeper to your intuition, to embody and rest in your divine feminine.