• Kristine Petterson

    Mindful Parenting Revolution

    Hello and welcome!! I am Kristine, a mindful parenting educator and sleep coach for tired parents. I'm working to create the programs I wish I had after struggling myself with burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion. I resigned from public education after insomnia and anxiety led to burnout, and recovered by teaching yoga and dance to a grateful community. I added Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Certifications to my Yoga RYT and soon after that became a DONA certified Birth Doula. I loved supporting families with asana and mindfulness, and frankly, I was kinda shocked at how difficult pregnancy and parenthood was for me - I had all the tools and strategies for keeping calm and carrying on, right? Wrong. I was not taught healthy boundaries or self-care, in fact, I was a people pleaser in a society that rewarded me for abandoning my own needs and putting others first. I felt so alone and exhausted as a parent - my child had terrible sleep skills! My life felt out of control and I spiraled into the darkness of anxiety and resentment. Flash forward 10 years - and a lot of learning, therapy, and reparenting myself later - and I've created the educational tools and community support for parents that I wish I had when I was struggling. Mindful Parenting Revolution's programs support overwhelmed parents by providing tools to help children sleep and/or reduce tantrums and power struggles without using shame and punishment. We offer workshops, online classes, yoga, and customized sleep packages help to empower parents to build deeper connections with their kids using unique strategies that actually work for both kids and adults. The best part is how fun the process can be when done alongside an uplifting community of compassionate parents. It's one of the fastest and most rewarding ways to create more ease, connection and joy for parents, kids, and the world!