• Nicole Gibbs

    Awakening Mass Meditations

    Nicole Gibbs is the creator and regular guide of Awakening Mass Meditations, as well as an EEG Technologist, specializing in interpreting brain wave frequencies and different states of consciousness. Now mixing science with spirituality, Nicole is bringing awareness to different states of mind, frequencies, energies, etc. and how they can help us understand our human mission here, remembering and merging with our higher-self timelines. Nicole is passionate about raising the frequencies of humanity and our planet, allowing unconditional love, bliss, and harmony to restore balance. By dropping seeds of love and light in our everyday life, we allow the possibility of triggering a remembering of our human mission. We remember this is just a piece of our fractal Oneness/Wholeness Infinite Multidimensional Unlimited Being! To make this a reality, Nicole has created space online to have regular monthly Mass Meditations on the 11th of every month, which is a free event encouraged for all souls to join, as a collective consciousness. Nicole has created an opportunity to find your Soul Purpose, with Sessions, Courses and Workshops available, with custom meditations to assist with guiding your soul to magnetize the reality you desire! Taking it further to balance our Mother Gaia, a Non-Profit Trust has been created as Awakening World Project to Clean, Plant, and Heal to restore our beautiful crystalline planet. This merges our spiritual experience with the physical world to heal and balance as One. Join the Project and become an Earth Tribe Volunteer in your local area! By signing up, you are provided with the tools to clean/plant/heal our planet, Mother Gaia with some extra added gifts. On the Awakening Mass Meditations website, you can find all these wonderful offerings, and organic products, where every purchase made provides a pack to a Volunteer around the world! Only together, can we raise the frequencies for the planet and merge with the high vibration life we want! Awake Within. I AMM.