• Andrea Mai

    WritersOfLight.com &
    Pure Light Project

    "There is an easier way... and it begins with resting in the heart."

    Andrea Mai is the founder and CEO of Writers of Light, Pure Light Project, Be Well Content, and Mindful Journal. But more than that, she is here to assist those who are ready to be calm and conscious creators of their lives by leaning into the power of their heart. Andrea teaches from the depth of her experience as Writer, Author, Spiritual Metamorphosis Guide, Healer, and so much more. She has been working with clients and students in many ways for many years. Now she is focused on two things. WritersofLight.com is where she shares decades of experience as a writer, indie publisher and author of 15 books. Her mission is to get you writing from the heart to share your light. Her passion is working with soulful creatives, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and those bringing in the new ways for the new earth. Her other focus is as a friend and guide on the path of Remembrance and Wholeness. She works privately with clients as well as offering workshops and retreats (always incorporating writing, breath, meditation, and the knowledge that we are the technology) She brings her sacred and playful voice into her many transformative books, as well as into the many ways she works with clients and students. Let's shine together!