• Halla Byer

    Nourished Heart, LLC

    For as long as I can remember, I've always found the human existence fascinating. While I've studied many aspects of our being-ness, I realize now how this was a carefully orchestrated experience to help me remember our true origins and come into my purpose as a healer. Science provides a foundation of understanding for the physical body, while Reiki and Quantum healing opened me up and showed me what's possible when we work with the energetic body. To begin my studies, I attended Concordia University in Portland, OR and graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Biology in 2013. After working in the psychiatric field for a couple of years, I was frustrated with the mismanagement of mental health conditions as I was also beginning to understand their energetic origins. I was seeking a more holistic approach which led me to The National University of Natural Medicine where I earned my Masters of Science in Nutrition in 2016. My perspective on health and nutrition is heavily influenced by the wisdom of Ayurveda and my travels throughout India. Every individual plant has an energetic signature and specific medicinal properties that serve to create balance or imbalance within your unique constitution. I don't subscribe to any special diets or a one size fits all approach. Instead, I rely on my intuition, energetic assessment, and your body's innate knowing as we come to a food as medicine approach. To deepen my understanding and ability to work with the energetic light body, I became an Usui Reiki Master and Quantum Healing practitioner. I value a holistic approach, addressing the mind-body-spirit, drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of every tool I have, most of all, my own intuition, and yours. Generally, we know what we'd like to change to feel better and reach the highest timeline we have for our life. This vision is encoded in us, but we struggle to bridge the gap because of our past (subconscious fears, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs). Honoring the expansion our soul calls forth takes courage, consistency, and a trust in our own divine guidance. My only goal for our work together is to help guide you towards a more embodied and empowered version of yourself - true self-healing. Promises kept are manifestations made.