• Grace De La Rosa

    Living with Grace, LLC

    Grace De La Rosa is the CEO and Founder of Living with Grace, LLC and serves as a Holistic Wellness Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Public Speaker, Educator and Philosopher in Jacksonville, FL. She provides Holistic Wellness, Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual teachings through speaking engagements, presentations, seminars, panel discussions, workshops, breakout sessions, retreats and private one-on-one and group sessions. She also provides Psychic Evidential Mediumship readings, Energy Healings and Medical Intuitive Scans. Grace graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and TV Broadcasting with a minor in Psychology from the University of North Florida. She has over 35 years of experience and extensive self-studies in the health, wellness and fitness industry as a former AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and NPC fitness competitor. She is trained in a variety of mental health and wellness techniques including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), eCPR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Polyvagal Informed Somatic Technique among many other, diverse trainings. She also provides professional content as a TV/Video/Radio Spokesperson, VoiceOver (VO) Talent, Artist, Writer, Poet and Pianist. Check out Grace's Demo Reel as a commercial and corporate training spokesperson and listen to her Voiceover Demo. Some of her past clients include Homeland Security, IRS, JEA, the Department of Labor and Energy, Walt Disney World, Comcast and the United Way of Northeast FL. Grace's white-light, spiritual awakening experience was so powerful and profound that she considered leaving everyday life to live a monastic life as a Zen Buddhist monk. She was blessed with the experience of transitioning through the process of death as part of her spiritual awakening to share with the living. Given her Divinely blessed mystical and prophetic gifts, including the ability to communicate within and throughout the Spiritual Dimension and beyond, she chose to embrace her spiritual gifts in Love and Light as a Spiritual Advisor to help guide others along their unique spiritual path, to learn the Truth of Eternal Life Everlasting. As a survivor, thriver and expert by experience of Stage 3(c) colon cancer, childhood trauma, molestation, rape, domestic abuse, suicide and PTSD, the after-effects of chemo and multiple surgeries as well as other life-challenging dynamics, she is an active steward of the community and a strong advocate for holistic wellness education, mental health, non-violence, alternative and integrative wellcare options, and local, state and national systemic transformations--from education, technology, healthcare and politics to big business, social services, religion and justice.