• Suzanne Alexandria

    Alexandria International &
    Alexandria International, Inc.

    Suzanne’s corporate & family life in Washington, D.C. seemed fine 15 years ago before divorce & breast cancer led her to dive deep to find her spiritual truth through yoga, Reiki & the Akashic Records. Today she navigates living a real, semi-perfect life with teenagers, as one who truly knows our powerful ability to heal from deep brokenness. Working with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seraphim Angels, and personal guides (all affectionately called her Counsel of Love,) Suzanne shares wise, creative strategies so all kinds of Healers, Entrepreneurs & Business professionals may shift their energy and expectations to authentically craft their most fulfilled lives. A few years ago, Suzanne was working as a healer doing all the things. Then she was brought to her knees with the revelation that old trauma was sidetracking her most brilliant light and life. She knew it was Love that brought her this deeper insight. She began to seek to understand this truth that has rocked her world: How is LOVE truly the most powerful force in the Universe? She’s still seeing this Truth manifest in tremendously profound ways, all around her. Love took her to the brink, and Love brought her back. Today Suzanne empowers others who want to get clear about who they are and how they can connect to their own inner fire to heal their brokenness and transform their lives. In doing this work, she helps fellow healers & clients at various stages see their own beauty and truth so they’re empowered to co-create lives they love. Why settle for anything less? We were born to live whole and free. And so it is.